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Who Are We?

Located in southern New Hampshire, USA, Flying Chipmunk Comics Press is part of Flying Chipmunk Publishing (you can find us on FaceBook as well), a small company specializing in republishing out-of-print books. The publisher, Terry Kepner, has been involved in magazine and book publishing for over 30 years, both as editor and as publisher, including three computer magazines and several books.

We began republishing out-of-print books in 2008 and we have achieved a modest success with a back-list on Amazon of about 150 books. We have both paperback and hardcover books, black-and-white and color, and almost all have illustrations.

Flying Chipmunk Comics Press

Other webcomic publishers provide minimal help to the webcomic author/artist. While the books themselves are high-quality from a materials point-of-view, the artwork pre-press preparation itself is sorely lacking: poor layout, lack of proper pagination, improperly scanned artwork, muddy or dark covers, and a host of other problems make it obvious that the books were not produced by professionals.

That, we feel, is where we can help. You are an artist. You want to create, draw, illustrate, and tell a story with your art, not become a professional book publisher (just as you want to drive a car to go places and do things, not become a professional mechanic to keep the car in driving condition).

We’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll help you decide on the proper book size, the look of the pages, the layout of your artwork on the page, the page-by-page construction, and give you feedback on how it looks and how to improve its looks before you commit to a single printed copy. And for a limited time the cost for those services is just $25.00. The only fees you pay are based on if you decide you want an ISBN ($35.00), and for any Proof Copies of the book you order ($40.00 per copy; color books require a Proof Copy). Once Pre-press is complete, you just order your books (minimum quantity is 20), and pay via Paypal. That’s it.

We have resources to help you do what you need, without trying to make you a book Pre-press professional in the process.

We have downloadable templates for both interior book pages and book covers, showing precisely where you can safely place your artwork. We have comic design and planning aids, as well as various layout boards used in the comic industry, available for download. Our FAQ page has explicit instructions on how to design a cover for maximum effectiveness in attracting attention and getting a customer to want your book. Our web-page Comic/Manga Book Pricing can help you decide what size book you want, how much to charge for that book, and your choices in getting your book listed on Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes and Noble, and even into bookstores. A good overview of book publishing, the way we do it, is explained on our web-page Getting to Print. We even have a webpage to help you attract more readers to your webcomic--Secrets to Webcomic Success (the more successful you are, the more successful we are).


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